Press Highlights


  • “This was probably the best business conference I’ve been to ever”
      Jaime Yordán
  • “It was an excellent conference regarding the content, logistics and the organization was impeccable. The who is who of near shoring in Latin America was there.”
      Lourdes Casanova
      Senior Lecturer, Academic Director
      Emerging Markets Institute
  • “Wonderful. Eye opening Forum. I was skeptical but now i am a believer”             

      Ernst Goldman
      Vice President, Lead at
      J.P. Morgan Chase
  • “Got many nuggets of ideas that it was well worth it. Nuggets= ideas + contacts.”

      Tim Norton
      Director of Vendor Management
  • “A great session to get up to speed with the LATAM market, relevant strengths of

    each country”

      David Kirk
      Head of Technology Globalization
      JP Morgan Chase