Guillermo González King


As of February 2014, Guillermo González King was appointed CEO for MexicoIT, an Industry program operated by Mexico´s National Chamber of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, in a coordinated effort with Mexico’s Federal Ministry of Economy. The program’s goal is to increase awareness of Mexico’s expanding global-ready IT ecosystem, showcasing the lasting and impactful commitment to building a formidable technology-focused population. This joint effort between industry and government has led Mexico to be considered by several analyst firms as the most influential Nearshore outsourcing market in the Americas.

Prior to joining MexicoIT, Mr. González King held several positions in ProMéxico, Mexico’s Investment Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Economy. He has over 15 years’ experience in project management for private firms.

Mr. González King is an International Business graduate, and he has completed post-graduate studies in International Trade, Project Management and Agribusiness.