Luis Derechin

Nearshore Delivery Solutions

Luis Derechin is a partner with the Mexico City-based Nearshore Delivery Solutions. A prominent entrepreneur in IT and finance, Luis Derechin has established several successful companies and worked with many large enterprises to solve important problems. Previously, he was the co-founder of JackBe, one the first a venture-backed companies in Latin America where he guided the company to leadership in the real-time business intelligence space. The firm was eventually acquired by Software AG. He is the founder of PointWorthy, an innovative and socially responsible payment processor that enables users in the United States to make charitable donations using the cash equivalent of loyalty points amassed from airlines, hotels, credit cards and other reward plans. His latest venture, NDS is dedicated to creating ‘nearshore’ delivery capabilities so that global IT service companies establish and maintain operations in Mexico, from which they can meet the needs of customers in the Americas

Luis has sought to build businesses that address structural pain and ultimately serve the public good. In Latin America, for example, he has financed consumer product purchases among the unbanked community, thus giving affordable access to household goods to half-a-million people. Luis studied at the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) and at the Autonomous Technology Institute of Mexico (ITAM).