Constanza Nieto

Co-founder and CEO, Global Techbridge

Constanza Nieto has over 25 years of experience as entrepreneur, founder, CEO, investor, business executive, and consultant in innovation and global expansion for private and public corporations, and government institutions in Latin America and the United States.

Constanza co-founded in 2005 Globaltech Bridge, a Silicon Valley organization, to support innovation and global expansion of Latin American companies. As CEO and consultant at Globaltech, Constanza has successfully assisted governments to design and establish programs to support companies in their plans for innovation and global expansion. Among those programs, she has helped the Mexican Government to establish TechBA, the Mexican Business Accelerator program in Silicon Valley, and has evaluated projects for Senacyt ( Panama), Intel challenge, Start Up Chile , the City of Buenos Aires and the MIT program Innovators under 35. She also has worked with governments, universities, investors, and science parks from Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina on training programs, evaluation of ecosystems of innovation, technology transfer initiatives, while supported hundreds of companies to innovate, develop marketing strategies, and get clients, partners, and funding in global markets.