May 11th

Nexus Opening Night

5pm to 8pm: Nexus Opening Night Reception
Networking, Nexus Illuminate Awards Presentation, and Premiere of “Mexico’s Rising States of Innovation”
Le Meridien Lounge and Patio
Sponsored by INTUGO

May 12th

Nexus 2016: Reimagining the Americas

7:30AM TO 8:30am: Continental Breakfast and Exhibition Networking


8:30am – 8:40am: Welcome, Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director Nearshore Americas

8:40am-9:30am:  Leadership Keynote Address

The Costa Rica Model: Lessons from a Thriving Nearshore Market
Laura Chinchilla, Former President, Republic of Costa Rica

9:30am-10:20am: Morning Super Panel: Talent, Innovation and Partners in the New World of Enterprise IT

Talent still matters, and where enterprise IT leaders turn in order to meet the demand for talented professionals is as crucial as ever. With budgets continuing to shrink and new automation alternatives, how are IT leaders driving innovation and leveraging external partners to meet the expanding digital goals of the enterprise?

MODERATOR:Steve Kirz, Partner, Pace Harmon

Chris Synder, Director of Software Engineering, Scantron
Toby Redshaw, Former CIO, American Express and Partner, Kevington Advisors
Ilya Vinogradsky, CTO, EVP of Commerce Delivery at Astound Commerce
Mike Heuer, Former Senior Director, IT Applications, Blue Cross California

10:20am – 10:40am: Exhibition and Networking

Sponsored by Gabriela Noemi Smith Law Firm

10:40am-11:30am: Startups Look South: Does Latin America Have Something the Valley Doesn’t Offer?

Open source expertise, product development strengths and lower costs are some of the key attractions of Nearshore for a new generation of startups. Yet many are hesitant to tap both farshore and nearshore partners, fearing a loss of control. Learn from our diverse panel of experts about the facts and myths around the startups lifecycle and the advantages of external partners.

MODERATOR: Constanza Nieto, CEO, Global Techbridge

Charles Green, Director of Thought Leadership, Belatrix
Luis Derechin, Partner, Nearshore Delivery Services
Carlos Baradello, Advisor and Investor, Sausalito Ventures
Darryl Kuhn, CTO, AristaMD
Ash Dhar, Chairman and CEO, Kosha Group
John Della Penna, Early Stage Investor, Sand Hill Angels

11:30 AM TO 12Noon: Ground Control: Managing Risk in the New BPO Vendor Environment

Two senior vendor management leaders from Southwest Airlines explore the realities of dealing with risk in the changing landscape of vendor relationships, and offer a series of practical tips.

Robert Chojnacki, Sr Manager, Supplier Performance, Southwest Airlines
Prem Shanker Sr Buyer, Technology Supply Chain Management, Southwest Airlines

12:00-12:30 PM: The New Argentina IT Agenda

Major winds of change are blowing throughout Argentina with the arrival of a new president and an entirely new framework for embracing global partners and attracting international investment is starting to take shape. Hear the details of this new agenda from a leading technology ministry official in the new government.

Carlos Pallotti, Undersecretary of Technology, Argentine Republic

12:30 PM TO 1:20 PM: Networking Luncheon

1:20 PM TO 2 PM: Mexico IT Leadership Panel

The proximity of Mexico to California is creating a wide range of collaboration opportunities, around software, film and animation, and other digital platforms. Learn more about the thriving Mexico-California IT corridor.

Toby Redshaw, Former CIO, American Express and Partner, Kevington Advisors

Sanjay Dayal, Agralogics, CTO
Guillermo Gonzalez, Executive Director, MexicoIT
Jorge Villalobos, CEO, 3DMX
Frank Guerrero, Vice President of Product, xTV Networks

2 PM TO 2:20PM: State of Nearshore 2016: Key Findings and Analysis

Brand new data will be released on trends around Nearshore services, country investment shifts, and other critical metrics related to Latin America and Caribbean outsourcing.

Sean Goforth, Research Director, Nearshore Americas

2:20 PM TO 3 PM: Nearshore Customer Engagement in the Age of Omni-Channel

The rapid proliferation of new engagement channels has added additional complexity into the customer relationship. How well is the Nearshore performing in this new omnichannel environment, and what how are providers migrating to text and other non-voice channels to increase customer satisfaction?

Ian Jacobs, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Robert Dechant, CEO, IBEX Global
Cindie Smith, Customer Experience Consultant

3 PM TO 3:15PM: Afternoon Networking

3:15 TO 3:45 PM: What’s Driving the Captive Expansion in Latin America?

A new study reveals the drivers around continued popularity of captive/ shared services centers across several key countries in Latin America. What is sustaining this trend, and is the captive path seen as more advantageous than traditional outsourcing?

Luis Ojeda, Latin America Shared Services Leader, Deloitte

3:45 TO 4:30 PM: Afternoon Super Panel: Specialize or Perish - The New Shape of Nearshore

Gone are the days of trying to be all things to all customers. Instead, the new breed of Nearshore providers is investing more deeply in domain expertise and capitalizing on the demand for specialized skills – from embedded software to e-commerce and as-a-service capacities. Find out how this is redefining the future of Nearshore sourcing.

Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director, Nearshore Americas

Gabriel Apodaca, Chief Executive Officer, Nearshore Technology
Javier Delgado, CEO, Quadion Technologies
Daniel Chávez, CEO, Dextra Technologies
Gustavo Pares, Partner, Nearshore Delivery Services

4:30 TO 4:45PM: Final Remarks and Adjourn

4:45 PM TO 6PM: :Closing Reception and Exhibition Networking