Shaping the Vision and Future of Nearshore IT

Silicon Valley and California are – more than ever – leading the pursuit of new technology relationships in Latin America and the Caribbean. Instead of just sourcing projects to the region, client organizations are making partners an extension of their own internal teams. This new brand of relationship – built on high-caliber and savvy Nearshore professionals – is recreating the model of third-party technology services. In essence, the Nearshore is helping redefine what Latin America and the Caribbean are capable of, and as a result our Nexus 2016 conference centers around this critical concept of “Reimagining the Americas”.

Key features of Nexus 2016 include:

  • Automation and business process: Redefining service delivery
  • California’s multi-level relationship with Mexico
  • Design thinking and Silicon Valley: A new sweet-spot
  • The bleeding-edge contact center: Omni-channel and beyond
  • Case studies: BPaaS, DevOps and rapidly delivering innovation
  • Rising Frontiers: Haiti, Cuba and Central America
  • Exclusive Research: The State of Nearshore 2016
  • Managing partners in an era of explosive change in the enterprise

Nexus – now in its sixth year – represents the best of the Latin America technology and innovation experience. Be a part of this explosive program!